Having Barry Play on Your Tracks Is Easier Than Ever!

studioBWsmModern technology has made it easier than ever for musicians to work together. All you need is a high speed internet connection and the possibilities are endless. Barry has been part of the “virtual” recording scene since its inception and offers a variety of services.
Along with composing, production and arranging Barry offers you the ability to have world class horn sections of any size on your projects-it could be anything from a muted trumpet solo behind a vocal track all the way up to a full Big Band.
With decades of experience in all genres, over 250 recording credits and having done horn section arrangements for everyone from Tower of Power to Jay-Z, there are no musical bases that can’t be covered.
Barry has a wide array of Brass instruments, Microphones and preamps. He also has access to NYC’s A-list of session players. If you want horns on your record, It’s never been easier.

Fill out the form, get in touch and let’s see how he can help you to achieve your musical vision.